Four police officers to face charges for assaulting Babar Ahmad

Over six and a half years after Babar Ahmad – a friend of mine from my Young Muslims UK days back in the 1990’s – was badly beaten up while being arrested by a number of police officers in December 2003, the Crown Prosecution Service announced yesterday that four police officers are now to face criminal charges.

Babar Ahmad’s account of what happened to him during his arrest can be read at the website that has been created for him.

The injuries he sustained during that arrest were shocking and it is right that the police officers who were involved in that incident are brought to justice. What is unacceptable is that it has taken over six years just to get to this point.

It also should not be forgotten that the next to useless ‘Independent Police Complaints Commission’ decided back in 2004 that there was not enough evidence to charge anyone with the assault on Babar. So, this rethink from the CPS is welcome.

Still, the horrifying ordeal for Babar goes on. He has now been in jail for over six years without charge as he fights an extradition warrant on absurd terror allegations issued by the United States.

Earlier this year, Babar Ahmad wrote a very moving account of his life in prison for emel magazine.

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1 Response to Four police officers to face charges for assaulting Babar Ahmad

  1. Julie says:

    Seems like justice has taken the right course and there will be people properly tried over this. To be very honest, I have never felt 100% sure what I think of this case and what actually happened to lead to the arrest. I don’t know Babar Ahmed. What I do know is that being held without trial is unacceptable and that must be the worst part of this and any other similar case. I hope justice prevails and he is given a fair trial in a UK court sooner rather than later so the system can do what it does best…

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