Discussing the Blackburn ‘honour killings’ on Nick Ferrari’s LBC show

I was interviewed early this morning on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio programme to discuss the Blackburn ‘honour killings’ for which four Muslim men (pictured above) were convicted and jailed yesterday.

Just to recap: A married Muslim woman in Blackburn had been having an affair with another Muslim man she met at a wedding. When her brother found out about the affair he asked some friends of his to help him kill the man by burning down his house.

They mistakenly burnt down a house belonging to an innocent Muslim couple who were killed and their three children were left orphaned as a result. It is really an appalling and horrifying story.

What on earth can you say about such a vile crime except that these 4 men were murdering bastards and hope that they spend the rest of their lives behind bars? Adultery is classified as a serious moral failing in all the main faiths but it can never be right to try to take the law in your own hands like this.

Ferrari asked me what can be done to try and help prevent similar crimes in future and all I could say is that it is really a matter of education ie to teach people that we all are bound by the law of the land and however morally objectionable we may find an action like adultery we should not break the law as a result.

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