Nine bastards and one brave girl

A number of newspaper websites are currently carrying the story of the conviction of nine men (all with Muslim names) for their involvement in forcing a vulnerable young 14 year old girl from Rochdale into prostitution.

The court was told how the men plied her with alcohol and then sexually exploited her. It’s a sickening story.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our Friday khateebs talked about the necessity of tackling the high criminality rates amongst UK Muslims rather than going on and on about their silly disgust at young women who do not choose to wear headscarves?

Update: The Independent today carries another horrifying story involving four Muslim men being given lengthy prison sentences for murdering an innocent Muslim couple in Blackburn.

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1 Response to Nine bastards and one brave girl

  1. Julie says:

    Yes, indeed this story makes me feel physically sick. It’s an interesting one that we are discussing it and the fact they are ‘Muslim’. If the papers highlighted that I’m not sure we would be happy with it, and rightly so. They have such beautiful meanings for their names though don’t they – Abid – worshipper, Ahmed – most adored, Muhammad, named after the Prophet himself, Anwar – radiant, full of light etc etc. How ‘Muslim’ are they? They are sick, twisted lowlife who deserve the worst punishments. I actually feel for their families to be honest. The wives, the mothers, the sisters, the aunties, the brothers, the neighbours. This is very tough for them. I hope and pray more girls are so brave like this one and come forward. Break out of the ugly world people like them put these girls in and speak out. And according to the charities that work with families to support them through this kind of thing, this problem is rife and has been for many years and looks like it will get worse before it gets better. God help us all….

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