Secret Quilliam Foundation Memo to the government about UK Muslims is leaked!

A shocking secret 65-page document that the Quilliam Foundation sent to senior Government Ministers and their special advisers in mid-June 2010 claiming to offer advice to the new Coalition government about the Prevent programme and which UK Muslim organisations the government should (and should not) be speaking with has been leaked and published on the website.

Yahya Birt has posted a short note over at Deenport and observed that the Quilliam document shows ‘up the intense competition for access, funding and recognition that the Prevent policy created, as well as government sucking in several (Muslim) community advisors who seem to be working against each other….’

Well, we knew that the Prevent programme had degenerated into a rather unedifying spectacle of various outfits trying to outdo each other in claiming to the government that they knew who the ‘real extremists’ were. More often than not, this has simply resulted in petty sectarian score-settling rather than anything seriously to do with understanding and combating the terror threat to the UK.

In an appendix entitled ‘The British Muslim ‘Scene” on page 59 onwards the Quilliam document fingers a large number of leading Muslim organisations as being run by ‘Islamists’ and therefore which the government should be very wary of engaging with. In several passages that the red-baiting Senator Joseph McCarthy would have been proud of, the Quilliam document even tries to finger some senior civil servants as being closet ‘Islamists’.

The former Labour government began to move away from using the ‘Islamist’ label a couple of years ago when they realised just how counter-productive it was and how it was only contributing towards alienating more UK Muslims. The Quilliam document urges the new Tory-Lib-Dem government to reactivate the ‘Islamist’ label.

At the same time, the QF document calls for a ‘Council of experts’ – and you don’t need to guess very hard about who they are hinting should sit on that council – to be set up to vet engagement with Muslim organisations. This is just like something straight out of a Stasi manual.

The Quilliam document is really quite staggering in its scope and the range of recommendations it makes about UK Muslims – several government departments are given specific policy recommendations.

I may blog in more detail about this in the coming days.

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11 Responses to Secret Quilliam Foundation Memo to the government about UK Muslims is leaked!

  1. Abdullah says:

    I doubt that the senior civil servants in these Departments like the idea of being told how to do their jobs!

  2. Cameron says:

    muslim brotherhood attempts and actual infiltration of a host of local councils and ministries, professional and academic circles. Jiggs up boyo, people are recognizing that muslims are trying to colonize Europe. As history history tells being colonized sucks ass,
    and colonists have no rights like the million ethnic french forced out of Algeria.

  3. Jamil says:

    Thanks Inayat as always.

    One question though- how on earth can you save this darn document?

    I tried to download it but it asks for my facebook account details which I’ve entered but then still no luck. I would love to save it for a good read later on and to request others to do so. If you can help it would be appreciated.

  4. Jamil: Not sure how to download the document. Other people I know have also been unable to download or even print it. You could always, erm, try calling Quilliam and asking them to email you the original, after all it is on the internet and the secrecy has now been blown! If anyone out there knows how to download the document then do feel free to comment below.

  5. Jamil says:

    Somehow I doubt if I were to ask Majid and Ed for a copy they would help much.

    Thanks anyhow.

  6. Jamil: There’s nothing to lose by trying. Although I disagree very strongly with him on many matters, Ed himself is polite and has good manners (which is more than you can say for me!).

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  9. Antonius Paganus says:

    Cameron is a well-known and extremely unpleasant troll.

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