Robert Fisk on the risks involved in upsetting ‘you know who’

I just came across this superb piece from last Saturday’s edition of The Independent by its veteran Middle East reporter, Robert Fisk.

Fisk covers the story of how Octavia Nasr – a CNN reporter – was sacked after sending a Twitter message expressing her respect for Lebanon’s Shaykh Fadlallah who passed away a couple of weeks ago. The UK ambassador to Lebanon, Frances Guy, was also forced to grovel after posting a blog talking about Shaykh Fadlallah in respectful terms. The original post was removed on orders from the UK government after Israel’s supporters complained.

Fisk says that Nasr and Guy are not the only ones who have been forced to grovel by the Israel lobby.

‘Looking back, the Obama grovelling started in that famous Cairo reach-out-to-the-Muslim-world speech, when he referred to the Palestinian “relocation” of 1948 (as if the Palestinian Arabs got up one morning on the birth of Israel and decided that they all wanted to go on holiday to Lebanon). But the moment the world should have got wise was when Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. A man of greater dignity would have acknowledged the honour of such an award, but explained that his own unworthiness prevented him from accepting. But he did accept. He wanted the Nobel Prize. It was more important to accept it even though he did not deserve it. And now? Well, we’ve all been watching the little groveller this week. Middle East peace? Further colonisation of Arab land? Crisis in southern Lebanon? The continued siege of Gaza? Forget it. Think of mid-term elections. Remember the fate of Nasr and Guy. And grovel.’

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3 Responses to Robert Fisk on the risks involved in upsetting ‘you know who’

  1. SWP Supporter says:

    Hi Inayat,

    I have a few questions for you…

    1. Why do you refer to him as a sheik and not a grand ayatollah as other sources do?
    2. Fisk doesn’t have any sources backing up his claim the Israeli Foreign Ministry were involved in pressuring Ms. Guy, do you?
    3. Do you support Fadlallahs position on the Holocaust?
    4. What is “racist intellectual terrorism”?


  2. Anna O'Leary says:

    Bravo Robert Fisk. The lobby has the media over a barrel so much so that plain honest reporting, as you do, is the exception. God Bless you always Fisky. You’re a gentleman.

  3. Barbarossa says:

    fisk is a mouthpiece for palestinians, terrorist and non-terrorist. A guilt-ridden moron, hawhaw-like, consumed with the worst and most pathetic self-loathing of the purist old 60/70 leftist kind. He’s to self-involved with his own imagined significance, to register that his beloved Arabs and muslims are a civilization in and of themselves, completely capable of possessing their own agenda to advance. Lackwits’ like frisk, moan about historic western crimes upon the poor Arab, yet remain blissfully unaware of crimes committed by muslims against religious minorities, genocides carried out in the name of islam, thinking that religion plays nothing in this. Speak of isreali’s jewish nature as racism, but mention the officially islamic regimes that surround the small jewish country.

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