Black parents give birth to white baby

As I went to pick up a takeaway meal yesterday evening my eyes were drawn – a very common occurrence – to the front page of a copy of the Sun that was on a table. ‘Black parents…white baby’ was the headline and the accompanying picture certainly seemed to back this remarkable story up. An Oxford Don was quoted as saying that the baby wasn’t an albino and it was most likely due to an incredibly rare genetic mutation.

I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of whether the Sun would have carried the story on the front page if the reverse had happened and white parents had given birth to a black baby and what kind of reasons the Sun would have come up with to explain such an occurrence.

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3 Responses to Black parents give birth to white baby

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  2. Julie says:

    This must have made Mr Griffin choke on his marmite sandwich on the way to the Palace (and back again 5 minutes later haha!!). (presume you have heard about the ‘marmite story’.?)

  3. Baby world says:

    This is really a miracle. Nature is sometimes play with us.

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