Douglas Murray calls me ‘very unpleasant and sinister’!

In an interview for the Jerusalem Post today, the proud author of ‘Neoconservatism: Why we need it’, Douglas Murray, is quoted as describing me as a ‘very unpleasant sinister figure’! Can you believe that? Little old me!

Murray, you will recall, in a now infamous lecture in 2006 said that:

‘Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board.’

Just replace the word ‘Muslims’ with ‘Jews’ and you can well imagine what the reaction to Murray’s bigoted remarks would have been.

In the same lecture, Murray also gave full backing to the ‘war on terror’ and called for it to be widened:

‘Abroad we must continue our work at taking the war to the terrorists. We are winning that war, and we should extend that war.’

And he calls me ‘unpleasant and sinister’!!

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