The true face of Pakistan?

There’s an inspiring story in today’s edition of the Daily Telegraph about Essa Khan, a 50-year-old hotel cleaner in Pakistan, who found a bag stuffed with $50,000 worth of notes in a vacated room and handed it in to the hotel management who managed to track down the (very relieved) guest. The hotel cleaner earns just £200/year but explained his actions as follows:

“I have a responsibility as a human being, as a Pakistani, a Muslim. I never thought about keeping the money.”

Around fifteen years ago I was in Pakistan on a trip with some friends and one evening we went to a restaurant. We were waiting for our order when one of our party realised that he had left his £400 camera in the back of the taxi cab which had left several minutes beforehand. When we got back to our hotel we found that the cab driver had returned to hand in the camera. I thought that was impressive!

How sad to see a country that is filled with millions of similar hard-working honest people but is led by shameless thieves.

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5 Responses to The true face of Pakistan?

  1. Alexander says:

    No, the true face of pakiland is the cleansing of Hindu and Sikh minorities since 1948, and the on going deceptions practiced by pakistanis, not some fluff peice about an honest man. Exception to the rule. What till the treason trials begin in Britain for jihadis filth that have killed British troops, so many jihadis of pakistani descent, as well their enablers and sympathizers. Days are numbered, There is a lamppost and noose waiting for every jihadi that comes back to Britain and their scum enablers and sympathizers. If you can’t see that coming you’re a delusional idiot. Then again, to believe that that lying arab pervert mohammed was a prophet of God you have to be delusional.
    Keep up the good work inayat the wormtongue, it will make you easier to convict.

  2. ahmed says:

    Ah Alexander the true voice of the british patriot or should I say illiterate moron why don`t you actually learn to write in proper english. Sadly for you your pogromist fantasies of hanging “pakis” on lamposts isn`t going to come true though I know thats something you masterbate over everynight!!. I suggest you go back to fellating Hitlers doll it might make you feel better.

  3. Alexander says:


    It’s a just blog post little boy. I guess if you can’t deny the religiously inspired ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from old pakistan, a shithole of a country if there ever was one, you have to grasp at whatever you can. I love the everybody who opposes an islamic presence in Britain is a “Racist.” You inject your comment with the “paki” epithet which I didn’t use. Nice try. I have no problem with Sikhs, Hindus, or Black people they so often make great members of the British family. I have a problem with the followers of a disgusting ideology like islam as defined by sharia’s five big schools, the koran, sunnah and books of hadith. You ever use the word “kafir”?

    As far as who is a fantasist, you believe mohammed was a prophet of God, that is the delusional. There are hadith that say mohammed condoned lying, and you give this shit sack credibility. If it were not so sad it would be laughable. Here is another one, the koran describes old mohammed as the “perfect man” a moral exemplar for humanity for all time, yet hadith relate his ordering assassinations, the ethnic cleansing of non-muslims from the arabian peninsula, and describe his “marriage” to a nine year old at fifty-something years of age, and so much more…. sounds like a very moral man. As a muslim you are by definition delusional. I think that is the real reason muzzies knot up their knickers because somebody insulted their little prophet, ’cause deep down they know it(islam) is all a lie. Traitors, and jihadis claiming British citizenship who fight against British soldiers are traitors, deserve death. Before You continue to delude yourself consider that pakistan deported millions of Afghans when the Soviets retreated, you think Britons are that different than pakistanis, boy that makes you the racist. Britons will defend themselves and if it proves necessary will be vicious doing so…. remember that, idiot. jihadis and supports, including members of the muslim brotherhood, will be exterminated in the years to come have no doubt.
    Not all Germans were nazis, that didn’t stop Germany from being demolished and islam has more in common with nazism than anything I believe. tic toc.

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