Gagging the truth: Spinwatch sister site shut down

Professor David Miller – the brains behind the superb websites Neocon Europe and Spinwatch – has a very interesting piece up on Cif about how a Spinwatch sister site, SpinProfiles, was taken down by its ISP following a complaint from Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, the idiot son of the idiot journalist Christopher Hitchens.

Meleagrou-Hitchens helps run the truly dire ‘Focus on Islamism’ page over at the right-wing Standpoint magazine. It appears that Meleagrou-Hitchens complained to the ISP about being featured on SpinProfiles and despite there being nothing apparently defamatory about him on SpinProfiles, the ISP still pulled the plug on the entire website.

If you haven’t yet looked at Neocon Europe and Spinwatch then you should certainly do so now. Neocon Europe in particular is a wonderful resource which profiles all the leading players in the shadowy world of Neocon/pro-Israel lobbying. This is the link to the UK page and as you will see it contains the profiles of many vocal supporters of the illegal Iraq war and pro-Israel commentators. Do share this with others.

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5 Responses to Gagging the truth: Spinwatch sister site shut down

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat: Gagging the truth indeed; how about not wanting to listen to the truth? I can picture you in front a television set with your hands clasped firmly over your ears as the early evening news comes on shouting, “I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

    Transatlantic terror plots by Islamist terrorists; the arrest in Norway of three suspected Islamist terrorists; carnage in Iraq by militant Islamists; and so on and so on, but nary a comment on these stories by your good self. Instead, we are informed that a website entitled Focus on Islamism is “truly dire” without any reasons given for this pronouncement. One must naturally assume that the direness of the said website stems, in your opinion, from the sin of actually acknowledging the existence of Islamism. Similar motivation, no doubt, lies behind your scurrilous outburst against Christopher Hitchens and his son who, as we both know, are outspoken in their views on psychopathic Islamists.

    Inayat, do you see your blog developing into a “wonderful resource” of the “shadowy world” of the Islamist-left-axis/anti-Israel fomenters?

    p.s. Inayat, you might like to pop over to Harry’s Place right now, and take a peek; your blog is becoming very popular!

  2. Count: Being vilified on the Zionist blog Harry’s Place is par for the course for me. I would be worried if they didn’t stamp their feet in anger against me!

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car? says:

    Inayat, I wouldn’t call it being vilified; you’ve just been the subject of some good-natured humour or satire; all part of the cut-and-thrust of politics. Of course, Ayatollah Khomeini once famously said that there is no humour in Islam; but you don’t subscribe to that, do you?

  4. Count: Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy it when Zionists get angry with me!

  5. tevya says:

    Hi Inayat, I’ll only add that when you were criminally attacked in your home the major of HP commenters wrote in your defence. We’re quite a fair lot really and would prefer to greet you as a friend.

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