UK refuses fuel to Israeli planes

No -not really. The UK government has actually initiated a policy of refusing to allow Iranian passenger planes to refuel at UK airports. The new measure is meant to convey official UK government displeasure at the refusal of the Iranian government to succumb to UN demands regarding its nuclear programme.

Israel, of course, meanwhile faces no such sanctions. That’s justice for you.

Update: The editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard has an intelligent rejoinder to this post over at his blog.

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5 Responses to UK refuses fuel to Israeli planes

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, I wouldn’t believe everything said by the government of the Islamic thugocracy of Iran. After all, the clown, Ahmadinejad, once said that the Jewish Holocaust never took place and that there were no homosexuals in Iran (unless, of course, he meant they’d already all been hung from cranes). The British and other European governments have, according to what I heard on the news yesterday, already denied that Iranian planes are being denied fuel. On the other hand, Turkey is likely to follow up its petulant ban of Israeli military aircraft from entering its airspace with a ban on civilian flights as well. I think we can all see which direction Turkey is headed.

  2. Count: As it happens I think you are partially right on this one. The BBC have updated their story to say that the UK govt has denied that there is any official ban on providing fuel to Iranian planes but that this action appears to have been taken by some fuel suppliers who are wary of breaking US law by providing more than 5 million dollars worth of petroleum products to Iran.

    Don’t you find it odd that Iran is facing these punitive measures despite being a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, yet Israel which has never signed the NPT and is known to have introduced and developed nuclear weapons into the Middle East faces no such measures. Indeed, it is provided with a huge amount of financial, military and diplomatic support by the US, despite its brutal bombing of Lebanon and Gaza and its repeated flouting of international law. What kind of justice is this meant to be?

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, if as you say the Israeli bombing of Lebanon and Gaza was “brutal”, how would you describe the firing of rockets into Israel in the first place by Hezbollah and Hamas? Is Israel brutal because it dares to defend itself? Should Israel just accept that it has to be attacked constantly and do nothing about it? I suspect your answer to these questions is “yes”.

  4. What Israel should do is well known: it should withdraw from all occupied territories and dismantle its illegal Jewish settlements. The King Abdullah Plan offers full recognition of Israel by all Arab countries in return for Israel complying with UN resolutions.

    The Palestinian rocket attacks are very wrong and should certainly be stopped. But please don’t try and compare their frankly pathetic capabilities with that of Israel and its state of the art military hardware and the colossal damage they have inflicted on Gaza and Lebanon.

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