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Secret Quilliam Foundation Memo to the government about UK Muslims is leaked!

A shocking secret 65-page document that the Quilliam Foundation sent to senior Government Ministers and their special advisers in mid-June 2010 claiming to offer advice to the new Coalition government about the Prevent programme and which UK Muslim organisations the government should (and … Continue reading

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PM Cameron describes Gaza as a ‘prison camp’

In a speech in Turkey today, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, criticised Israel’s ‘unacceptable’ blockade of Gaza and described the conditions there as resembling a ‘prison camp’. The Jewish Chronicle has said that the remarks were ‘calculated to endear … Continue reading

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Wikileaks lifts lid on official lies about civilian deaths in Afghanistan

Today’s publication in the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel of leaked US military documents – over 90,000 reports –  relating to Afghanistan have raised anger in the US government who have accused Wikileaks of putting the lives of US … Continue reading

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Interpal wins libel case against Daily Express

I just saw this welcome report on the website of the UK charity, Interpal, about its libel win over the Daily Express (proprietor: Richard Desmond – the new owner of the UK terrestrial channel Five). The notoriously Islamophobic Daily Express … Continue reading

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Peter Tatchell confronts BNP’s Nick Griffin

Full marks to the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell for confronting the BNP’s Nick Griffin today about his party’s record of ‘homophobia, antisemitism and attacks on the Muslim community’.  It was all caught on film and can be viewed here. … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk on the risks involved in upsetting ‘you know who’

I just came across this superb piece from last Saturday’s edition of The Independent by its veteran Middle East reporter, Robert Fisk. Fisk covers the story of how Octavia Nasr – a CNN reporter – was sacked after sending a Twitter message … Continue reading

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Are the US/UK govts promoting terrorism against Iran?

The Iranian leader Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei yesterday accused the American and British governments of funding terrorism against Iran and fomenting Shi’a/Sunni divisions in order to destabilise the Iranian government. Just last week, a Shi’a mosque in Zahedan, the mainly Sunni … Continue reading

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