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Come on, England!

After their poor performance against Algeria last Friday, I suppose I shouldn’t get my hopes too high for this afternoon’s match. Still, come on lads!

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Mohammed Amin resigns from the MCB

As I predicted a few days ago in response to Madeleine Bunting’s Guardian article, Mohammed Amin – the only declared candidate at the time – did not win the MCB elections which were held last Sunday. I said at the time that I … Continue reading

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The ‘Times Square Bomber’ and the innocent dead

The news in today’s papers that the Pakistani born US citizen Faisal Shahzad has pleaded guilty to all ten charges against him relating to the attempted car bombing of Times Square should in a more sensible world urgently prompt a … Continue reading

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How MI5 recruit Muslim spies

There is an interesting thread over at Deenport where someone from the Federation of Students’ Islamic Societies said that they are undertaking research into the experiences of UK Muslims who have been approached by the security services in an attempt … Continue reading

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Mail on Sunday describes Dar al-Uloom, London as the ‘Muslim Eton’

There is a typically ignorant article in today’s Mail on Sunday about the Dar ul-Uloom London school in Chislehurst, Kent which the writer describes as the ‘Muslim Eton’. A quick look at the GCSE results table for the Dar ul-Uloom shows barely over 50% … Continue reading

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Douglas Murray takes exception to the Conservative Muslim Forum

Douglas ‘Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board’ Murray has in his latest blog for the Daily Telegraph website taken strong exception to the activities of the Conservative Muslim Forum. In particular, Murray is upset that … Continue reading

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Zakir Naik to legally challenge UK govt exclusion order

The BBC reports today that Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation – which is based in Mumbai, India – will be legally challenging the Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to issue an exclusion order against him. Readers will recall that the … Continue reading

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