UK government backs down over ‘full, credible, impartial and independent investigation’

The UK’s foreign and commonwealth office have now responded to a letter from the Muslim lobbying group ENGAGE about its position with respect to the killing of nine aid volunteers aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla by Israeli commandos last month.

The FCO letter makes for interesting reading not least because it shows how the UK government after initially calling for a ‘full, credible, impartial and independent investigation’ into the killings has now laughably welcomed news of the Israeli internal inquiry into the killings as ‘an important step forward.’ No one seriously expects the Israelis to conduct a proper inquiry into the killings, especially not the Turkish government, several of whose nationals were killed by the Israelis. How disappointing it is to see the UK government backing down in such a humiliating manner over its initial insistence that an ‘credible, independent’ inquiry be held.

Secondly, the FCO letter officially ‘welcomes’ the appointment of Lord Trimble as an observer to the Israeli inquiry. As I noted on this blog a couple of weeks ago, Trimble is well-known as a long-standing partisan supporter of Israel and just last month helped launch a new ‘International Friends of Israel’ initiative designed to bolster Israel’s cause. His appointment can hardly be said to inspire confidence in the Israeli inquiry!

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5 Responses to UK government backs down over ‘full, credible, impartial and independent investigation’

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, why is the fact that Israel is to hold its own inquiry into the killings on the so-called aid convoy “laughable”? Israel is an open and democratic country, unlike say the vast majority of the Arab and Muslim world. There were even Arab Israelis on that convoy of hate, if I remember correctly. Doesn’t that speak volumes about Israel’s openness?

    The convoy of hate was nothing more than a shabby publicity stunt carried out by people who hate Israel, and I dare say Jews also. For those with eyes to see it, the Shahid wannabees on the boats attacked, clubbed and resisted with violence Israel’s legitimate right to board and inspect the ships. No one wants to see people killed, but Israel faces a grave existential threat and has the legitimate right to defend itself. And if the Muslim world really wants to address the issue of unlawful killings, then it would do well to start by looking at the Muslim-on-Muslim and Muslim-on-non-Muslim carnage carried out on a daily basis around the world; for example, the genocide in Darfur, or the recent slaughter of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

    As Melanie Phillips has correctly said, the Arab and Muslim world is carrying out a war of annihilation against Israel. Hamas’ main supporter, the Holocaust-denying Islamic thugocracy in Iran, has threatened to “wipe Israel of the map”. What we are witnessing at present is nothing more than an intensification of the long-standing fetishistic and obsessive hatred of the Arab and Muslim world against Israel and Jews in general, as well as a recrudescence of ugly European anti-Semitism thinly disguised as contempt for Israel.

    Anyway, I say thank God for people like Lord Trimble who are willing to stand up and be counted as friends of Israel; I certainly am one.

    Long live Israel!

  2. Count: It appears that you are every bit as bonkers as your hero Mel P. This will be your last post here I am afraid. Sorry about that, but as you can imagine, I don’t really have time to respond to every fruitcake in the world. Try Harry’s Place. It is made for Israel-worshippers like you. Bye.

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, of course none of the mad bad Islamist speakers you worship could be described as mad-bonkers fruitcakes, could they?

  4. Count: Well, so much for saying ‘bye’. Just to be clear, I don’t really mind what you call those ‘mad bad Islamist speakers’. It’s pre-emptively banning them that I oppose. I think it is important that we do not give the government arbitrary powers to ban people it for some reason disapproves of just because of remarks they may have made. We have sufficient laws on the statute books to deal with incitement to violence in case a speaker goes too far.

  5. Portia Australasia says:

    I think now that we have more information on the flotilla incident that Britain is doing Turkey a favour in backing down from a full enquiry especially if it wants to stay on good terms with them as many people realise how embarrassing the outcome of any investigation will be for this country which still hopes to become part of the EU.

    The humiliation seems to be that of Turkey at the moment. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones (especially at Kurds and Armenians).

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