Who are the British Muslim Forum?

In response to my post yesterday detailing how British Muslims for Secular Democracy and the British Muslim Forum have come out – in contrast with most mainstream Islamic organisations in the UK – in support of the government’s ridiculous ban on the popular Muslim speaker Zakir Naik, I have received several emails asking me if I know more about who the BMF are.

Well, they are not exactly the most active of groups. Just take a look at their website which does not appear to have been updated for almost six months despite claiming to be the ‘voice of traditional Sunnis’.  The last time the BMF came to notice was almost two years ago when the Labour government was planning to extend the period of detention without charge for terror suspects from 28 days to 42 days. The plan was opposed by all mainstream Islamic groups and civil liberties groups. Well, all except for one. Yes, you guessed correctly.  The BMF’s then Chairman, Khurshid Ahmed, came out in favour of the government’s plans and was praised in The Sun which glowingly described him as ‘Britain’s top Muslim’.

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4 Responses to Who are the British Muslim Forum?

  1. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, are you saying that this rather unpleasant individual, Zakir Naik, who once said that every Muslim should be a terrorist can be really adequately described as a being just “a popular Muslim speaker”. Astonishing! And if you think that his ban on entering the UK was “ridiculous”, how does this compare with the original ban on entering the UK of that popular Dutch speaker, Geert Wilders? I believe you supported than ban on the latter; correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, I believe that Zakir Naik should be allowed into the UK, provided he is carrying with him nothing more explosive than his silly fiery rhetoric. Once people hear what he has to say, he will be hoisted by his own petard and revealed for the nasty little anti Semite that he is.

  2. Count: It is clear to me having watched the actual clip where Naik made those ‘terrorist’ comments that his usuage of the word was very clumsy: he seemed to be saying that every Muslim should confront anti-social elements ie every Muslim should be a ‘terrorist’ to a robber etc. Here is a video clip where Naik tries to explain what he meant:


  3. The Count of Monte Cristo in a Bubble Car says:

    Inayat, you rejected my hypothesis (in another thread) that Gert Wilder’s call to ban the Koran might merely have been a rhetorical device, whilst here you employ the argument that Naik’s use of the word “terrorist” was just “clumsy” and that he actually meant something else. Is it possible that you are engaging in a bit of rationalization here? I think both of us really know what Naik meant originally, and then this was then covered up by a deft piece of Taqiyya on his part.

    p.s. Inayat, I must say that I do enjoy our exchange of views although we are on diametrically opposite sides of the argument (and, I fear, we always will be). It has distant echoes of the civil exchanges between King Richard 1 and Saladin. But would you send me some fresh fruit with snow if I was sick, just like Saladin?

    • majid says:

      Count: hope you never get sick, can offer fruit as much as you like, snow these days is a rarity in part of UK i live, would you accept ice cubes from my freezer? King Richard I and Salah u din are now history to me. Lets forget history, lets forget the past, lets bring peace to world. If Naik promots Terrorism, then he must not allowed entry in UK.

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