Wonderful Qur’an recitation website

A few weeks ago someone sent me a link to this quite wonderful website where you can configure it to recite from any portion of the Qur’an  – with multiple actual recitors including Qari AbdulBasit, al-Husary etc available – and it will also display the English translation of the Qur’an. Back in the mid-90’s, you could buy CD-Rom’s costing £40 or £50 with similar but much more limited functionality. Now it is available for free over the internet. Congrats to all involved – from a quick look it appears to be an Iranian-led initiative as were also the first Qur’an CD-Rom’s back in the mid 90’s. Just superb. Anyway, I have added a new Blogroll section over on the right hand section of this blog and given the Qur’an recitor pride of place there as the very first link, even though it is not really a blog!

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