BMF and BMSD support govt ban on Zakir Naik

A quick trawl of popular Muslim websites will reveal the widespread outrage at the government’s decision to ban Zakir Naik from speaking to what were set to be huge conferences at Sheffield Arena, the LG Arena in Birmingham and London’s Wembley Arena.

However, not all UK Muslims oppose the ban. A spokesperson for the tiny – as in unbelievably microscopic – outfit British Muslims for Secular Democracy wrote a fantastically muddled article on Cif explaining why they supported the ban.

And yesterday, the British Muslim Forum issued a highly sectarian statement – and a typically illiterate one at that – giving their reasons for supporting the ban claiming that Naik was a supporter of ‘al-Qaeda and the Talibans [sic]’.

Naik has issued a statement – which the BMF do not refer to – making clear that he totally denounces terrorism and has even recorded a video to clarify some of his statements which he says have been misrepresented.

I wrote about Naik for Cif last week and have to say that it seems abundantly clear that Naik is no supporter of terrorism or terrorists and it is frankly dishonest to say otherwise.

The BMF’s latest statement is therefore a disgrace. Still, I was told that when they employed a chief executive a couple of years ago, the main instructions the person was given by the ‘scholars’ that run BMF was that they wanted to see their photographs appearing at least weekly in the Daily Jang.

Naturally, the sight of the incredibly popular Zakir Naik filling entire arenas in the UK could not have been a very comfortable one for their over-inflated egos.

Zakir Naik has a huge international following and tremendous pulling power. If the UK authorities had any sense, they would utilise Naik’s talents to reinforce the anti-terrorist message.

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3 Responses to BMF and BMSD support govt ban on Zakir Naik

  1. Ahmed says:

    Maybe we could open up the MCB electrol process so that misfit groups such as this could one day lead and influence the decision making of this great institution…saying that your stand for the right of Dr Zakir to pursue his most ironically titled Freedom of Expression an Islamic Perspective tour is most admirable.

  2. Sifar says:

    Zakir Naik’s teachings against Islam, no wonder he got banned and recieved many fatwas.

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    True-Islam and terrorism are antonyms, in fact Islam hates terrorism. Prophet Mohammed was a full fledged brave-warrior who stood against falsehood and he never resorted to any kind of terrorism or terrorist tactics that are similar to sudden bombing or fear-based torture even on his most deadliest enemies. Only the most deluded and the cowards will resort to terrorism as a retaliatory solution to any given problem. When Zakir Naik calls for the terrorizing of the terrorists, it is like calling for the raping of the rapists, it takes us to no solution.

    Zakir Naik justifies his definition of terrorism by saying that a thief is terrified by a policeman, and so a police man is a terrorist to a theif. This is wrong. A policeman is only terrifying the thief not terrorizing. A policeman only tries to imprison the thief, and if evidence is provided before the court, only then is corrective measures taken. A policeman is not a terrorist to a thief. Similarly there is no terrorism in Islam, even when against the real terrorist themselves. Prophet Mohammed was devoid of the least amount of terror. He did not even terrorize the very woman that poisoned him. People used to throw rubbish on his face, yet he was a man of great patience and forbearance and he won many a hearts. This is true Islam. Such a great man he really was!

    Prophet Mohammed will never use terrorism to fight terrorism, he always used the truth along with a brave army of companions to fight the infidels only in a war of reason, code and self-defense in the way of the Truth before Allah.

    Once Ali, companion of Prophet Mohammed was at war, and he got into a fight with a very dangerous criminal, he finally overcame him and sat on his chest to kill him. The opponent spat at his face. Ali at once left him. Seeing this the man was very much surprised and asked the reason. Ali said, “I was killing you for God’s sake but when you spat on my face, my sincerity was endangered because of the personal feelings of anger.” Hearing this the man immediately submitted and asked repentance to Al-God. Such was the honor and code that these men of Mohammed had, even at the crucial moments of war.

    Whereas terrorism is akin to a mad stupid man jumping from behind a bush, stabbing, bombing and shooting an unaware person at random to cause a state of fear all around. Mohammed will never support such cowardice. True-Islam and Terrorism are antonyms any day.

    Please to understand true Islam more… do visit this link


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