How MI5 recruit Muslim spies

There is an interesting thread over at Deenport where someone from the Federation of Students’ Islamic Societies said that they are undertaking research into the experiences of UK Muslims who have been approached by the security services in an attempt to solicit information from them. An ‘Ilyas Ahmad’ responds with his own experience of what happened when some undercover police officers contacted him a few years ago to spy on Muslims at his local mosque and offered him a wage as enticement.

It is an important initiative from FOSIS and I hope Muslims will come forward and let them know of their experiences in similar situations. There is a world of difference between doing one’s civic duty by letting the police know of any criminal act or plot and being a paid informant spying on fellow Muslims.

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1 Response to How MI5 recruit Muslim spies

  1. Julaybib says:

    I’ve had a couple of experiences of walking into mosques I’ve never visited before and being treated as a potential spook. I wonder if any other reverts have had similar experiences. I don’t take it personally – it’s understandable in the present climate where Muslims often seem to be under intense media and government scrutiny. Having said that, it’s not exactly a pleasant experience to be on the other end of what is effectively group paranoia!

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