Mail on Sunday describes Dar al-Uloom, London as the ‘Muslim Eton’

There is a typically ignorant article in today’s Mail on Sunday about the Dar ul-Uloom London school in Chislehurst, Kent which the writer describes as the ‘Muslim Eton’. A quick look at the GCSE results table for the Dar ul-Uloom shows barely over 50% of its pupils managing to obtain 5 GCSE’s (Grade A – C). Yeah, just what you’d expect from an Eton-class school, eh?

In reality, many private Muslim schools are woefully underfunded, are often struggling just to survive and unsurprisingly have dire educational standards.

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2 Responses to Mail on Sunday describes Dar al-Uloom, London as the ‘Muslim Eton’

  1. Julaybib says:

    Perhaps of more concern is the sense in which Eton is used by the MoS to mean, “Here is where the Muslims educate their elite.” This essentialist view presumes British Muslims are a monolith, rather than a diverse population whose faith tradition is represented in Britain by Deobandis, Barelwis, Tablighi, etc. Such essentialism allows the media and others to point at Muslims as a single group and demonize them.

  2. Portia says:

    So if the education is so dire why do parents send their children there? Surely every parent wants the best education results possible for their offspring. It seems that religion is more a priority than a general education that would fit them to become reponsible educated citizens. In the interest of my children’s future in the modern world I would not waste my money on a private school that did not provide an education commensurate with the fees – I think my children deserve better than a second rate religious madrassa.

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