Overpaid football player is upset

As he just walked off the pitch following England’s abysmal performance just now against Algeria, Wayne Rooney said to the cameras:

”Nice to see your own fans booing you.”

I can’t imagine why the fans were so disappointed, Wayne.

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4 Responses to Overpaid football player is upset

  1. Merty says:

    Does it really matter though? Whether he is paid top dollar or is an amateur, doesn’t it make sense that we would see more of Wayne Rooney than we have seen so far?

    It doesn’t make sense


  2. It’s so maddening! I was watching the match with my nine year old son and he is now on the verge of switching his support over to Spain or Argentina.

  3. Merty says:

    well tell me what you think about the result today? i’m a bit surprised that England are number 2 in the group, but at least relief must be felt that they have advanced. Did Roonaldo have a good game today? I was a bit preoccupied to watch too much of the England / Slovenia match — you know — I was more concerned with the group leaders (wink!)


  4. It was great to see England go through. Will watch the games tonight to see who they will be facing. Let it be Serbia or Ghana – please!

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