Jewish Chronicle gloats about banning of ‘hate preacher’ Zakir Naik

The folks at the Jewish Chronicle seem rather pleased by the UK government’s ban on Zakir Naik. In an article entitled ‘Hate Preacher banned from UK’ note also the following comment from the spokesperson at the Jewish defence organisation, the Community Security Trust:

“Zakir Naik is known for his derogatory attitude towards non-Muslims and he has an ambiguous attitude towards terrorism. The concern is that anyone should be wanting him here in the first place, particularly to address such large venues.”

Hmmm. In his response to the scaremongering Sunday Times story which appears to have precipitated the row over his proposed UK visit, Naik said that he:

“unequivocally condemns acts of violence including 9/11, 7/7 and 7/11 [the serial train bombing in Mumbai], which are completely and absolutely unjustifiable on any basis.”

That does not sound very ‘ambiguous’ to me, it seems very clear. And notice the very patronising and insulting remarks from the CST spokesperson addressed towards the tens of thousands of UK Muslims who were due to hear Naik speak at the arenas in Sheffield, London and Birmingham.

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1 Response to Jewish Chronicle gloats about banning of ‘hate preacher’ Zakir Naik

  1. wendy mann says:

    it has to be said that claiming zakir naik to be an hate preacher is entirely wrong.

    what is the law regarding these defamations and how does one insist that the record is put straight?

    also how is it possible to get the reactionary and unjust decisionmade by this government overturned ?

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