David Trimble and the sham Israeli ‘investigation’

Craig Murray has a good post up today on his blog about why David Trimble can be relied upon to help Israel in its cover-up ‘investigation’ of the events that led to the killing of nine members of the Gaza aid flotilla. Craig says that on the very day that Israel killed the aid volunteers, Trimble was helping to launch a new ‘International Friends of Israel’ initiative. I had known that Trimble – in common with many Unionist politicians – was a partisan supporter of Israel, but his involvement in the FOI initiative was news to me, but it seems that Craig is right.

For more on Trimble’s pro-Israel views, see this piece on Daily Kos.

Chris Doyle from CAABU neatly explained on Cif today why the Israeli ‘investigation’ will be a sham and nothing less than an independent UN investigation can be acceptable.

Can you just imagine what the reaction would have been if Iran had killed nine international aid volunteers and then announced that it would be launching its own investigation into those events? Would our politicians have accepted that? It tells us a lot about the influence of the Israel Lobby that European foreign ministers – including our very own William Hague – have welcomed news of the laughable Israeli ‘investigation’.

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