The world turned upside down

The ‘digested read’ column in the Guardian today contains a very funny take-down by John Crace of Melanie Phillips’ latest scaremongering book ‘The World Turned Upside Down’. I am reproducing the first couple of paragraphs below but do read it in full here.

‘This book arose from a sense of perplexity that almost everyone in the world thought I was clinically mad. Everywhere I looked there were people who believed boarding a humanitarian aid convoy in international waters and murdering nine people was a little bit naughty. So I did what I’ve always done as a columnist for the Daily Mail; go where my bigotry leads.

‘Conspiracy theories abound in public life. Almost all of them are based on myth. The simple fact is that global warming is a lie created by politically correct liberals who are holding the universe to ransom. The reality is that not a single glacier has melted in Israel over the last 50 years. Likewise, green activists try to claim the teeny oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico is an environmental disaster. How much oil has been washed up on the beaches of Eilat? None.

‘The legitimacy of the war in Iraq has been similarly subverted. Hard-line Trotskyists say we were led into the war on a lie. This is not the case. After Saddam Hussein was toppled, Mossad found huge caches of nuclear weapons in bunkers throughout the country. Understandably, Mossad chose not to go public with this because, as a responsible government agency, it didn’t want to worry anyone unduly.’

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4 Responses to The world turned upside down

  1. RS says:

    cracking article!! Must read the book (if I can bear it)

  2. Ahalan Wasahalan says:

    And yet, nine people were not murdered. Murder is an act of premeditated killing with intent to kill. One can argue the legal aspects about the boarding itself until the cows come home, but the bare facts of the matter are that nine people were killed during a violent confrontation on board.

    But John Crace would rather not confuse his readers with facts. As long as there is a sensational event that can be exaggerated and distorted, John and his ilk are happy to spew hyperbole and lies.

    • warey says:

      so shooting unarmed men at point blank range in the head, is not pre meditated?
      this is the testimony of dozens of aid workers.

      walked into the media room and shot the guy organizing the set up straight between the eyes.

      It was pre meditated murder, piracy. committed by a nation whose government acts every bit as racist as the nazi regime and apartheid south africa.

      shame on you for defending the actions of these racist killers

  3. Hugh says:

    Nice website, do you do anything witty , funny and not political?
    you should have a lampoon section.. what do you think?

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