Al-Muhajiroun morons re-emerge under new name

It appears that the publicity hungry idiots from al-Muhajiroun are about to re-emerge under the name of ‘Muslims Against Crusades’. Today’s edition of the Barking & Dagenham Post says that a group calling itself MAC are to hold a protest demonstration on 15 June at the very same time as the returning Royal Anglian Regiment march in Barking.

Just 15 months ago, less than twenty al-Muhajiroun followers turned up at a similar soldiers’ returning march in Luton and held up some offensive placards. Within minutes, the images were beamed around the country and generated uproar and antagonism towards ordinary UK Muslims – as they were no doubt meant to do. The Luton debacle also appeared to be the catalyst that led to the launch of the English Defence League.

The Labour government banned al-Muhajiroun and its Islam4UK off-shoot earlier this year but that did not seem like a very well thought out move and appeared more to do with trying to win over some votes by being seen to be tough on extremists. A ban was not likely to work. After all, what was to stop al-Muhajiroun from re-emerging – as they now have – under a new name?

The best course of action must surely be for the media to refrain from giving al-morons the publicity they so evidently crave. They are a bunch of total losers but the publicity they get clearly gives them a misplaced sense of importance. And if al-morons break the law and incite violence they can always be prosecuted. Unfortunately, for some sections of the media, al-Muhajiroun are a useful tool to scaremonger about Muslims and Islam, so they are unlikely to act responsibly.

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3 Responses to Al-Muhajiroun morons re-emerge under new name

  1. Asim says:

    Anjem Choudary and his gang need publicity stunts like this to keep their group alive. They are superb at creating negative headlines in the media and I am sure they just crave for more attention every time they score a scoop. Britain would just be a happier place if the few members of al-Muhajiroun followed the example of their master Omar Bakri Mohammed and left for Lebanon. We must all urge them to do so.

  2. Thx Inayat – I am putting this info out – we need to collectively deal with these media hungry windbags

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