Jewish Chronicle editor on ‘The End of Israel?’

Writing in the Spectator this week, Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, contributes a typically whitewashed version of Israel’s murderous attack on the Gaza bound aid flotilla last week ie poor Israel is so misunderstood in the West; it is only defending itself; it is on the frontline in the fight for civilisation against terrorists; their fight is our fight etc. So far, so hasbara. His final paragraph observes that:

“Unless something changes dramatically in the West, and we realise that Israel’s war really is our war, then the country which this year celebrated its 62nd anniversary may not survive to celebrate its 75th.”

If Pollard was genuinely a friend of Israel then ought he not to be urging it to withdraw from the occupied territories and to dismantle its illegal Jewish settlements and stop treating the Palestinians as if they were sub-humans? Instead, he wants leading Western nations to fight on Israel’s behalf.

Update: For a somewhat more nuanced and thoughtful article about Israel and Palestine see Tim Franks’ piece today.

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