BT Infinity – a quick look

We had the new fibre optic BT Infinity service installed this morning – my old BT broadband service would often cut out and was becoming unreliable although frankly that was probably due to me having a poor wireless card in my PC rather than anything to do with BT. I made sure I got a wired ethernet connection this time to my main desktop and it is now downloading from the t’internet at a speed of 37Mb/sec which is over ten times as fast as my old connection. Hopefully, there will be no more endless buffering when watching stuff on the i-player. The signal strength to my wireless laptop is also very good. And the Infinity hub (BT Home Hub 2) comes with AES encryption whereas my old broadband was using the awful WEP encryption. So, on first glance, it looks like a significant improvement. The cost is seven pounds a month more than my old service which isn’t too bad. Just fifteen years ago, I was on a 14.4Kb connection. Incredible.

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