Will HD prove itself during the world cup?

Almost two years ago, I paid a couple of hundred quid for a Freesat box and satellite to be installed at my home so I could reap the much-trumpeted rewards of watching programmes in High Definition on my ‘HD Ready’ tv.

Two years on and I think I may have used the Freesat box only around five or six times to watch something in HD and even then I haven’t seen any particularly significant improvement in broadcast quality. Even now, there is only one dedicated HD channel on Freesat and it belongs to the BBC who in their wisdom fill it up largely with crap. I haven’t noticed any decent movies being broadcast on their channel in HD although ITV occasionally do.

With the world cup starting this Friday I wonder whether HD will finally prove itself to be a worthwhile investment. Or maybe I will look back and think: ‘Bugger, I fell for all that marketing schtick yet again…!’

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