Melanie Phillips’ brain should be donated to the world

It is always a joy reading Melanie Phillips’ strenuous attempts on her Spectator blog to whitewash Israeli crimes. Her latest salvo about this week’s Israeli raid on the aid flotilla contains this truly magnificent statement:

‘The more we know about this incident, the more apparent it becomes that this was a carefully pre-planned terrorist operation by the IHH to kill and capture Israeli soldiers. The ‘humanitarian aid’ was a total fig-leaf.’

Last year, when the Israelis were pounding Gaza and in the process of killing 1400 Palestinians, Mel P vigorously denounced the BBC’s coverage of events. Her fellow columnist and blogger at the Spectator, Rod Liddle, famously observed that she would only be happy with BBC news coverage of events in occupied Palestine if it was placed in the editorial control of the Stern Gang.

I really think Mel P should offer to donate her brain to science when she sadly leaves this world.

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