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UK government backs down over ‘full, credible, impartial and independent investigation’

The UK’s foreign and commonwealth office have now responded to a letter from the Muslim lobbying group ENGAGE about its position with respect to the killing of nine aid volunteers aboard the Gaza-bound flotilla by Israeli commandos last month. The FCO letter … Continue reading

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Daily Telegraph: ‘Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar’

I have just seen this news story that was published a few days ago in the Daily Telegraph based on the claims of a Christian Biblical scholar who says that his research indicates that Jesus not did not die by being nailed … Continue reading

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Jumu’ah prayers

Just got back from Jumu’ah (congregational Friday prayers) and as usual my local mosque was totally packed out and there were at least a couple of hundred people praying in the car park area too. When I worked near Canary Wharf the … Continue reading

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Who are the British Muslim Forum?

In response to my post yesterday detailing how British Muslims for Secular Democracy and the British Muslim Forum have come out – in contrast with most mainstream Islamic organisations in the UK – in support of the government’s ridiculous ban … Continue reading

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Foreign Affairs: The Rise of Political Islam in the West

The latest issue of the US journal Foreign Affairs contains an article by Marc Lynch entitled ‘Veiled Truths: The rise of political Islam in the West’. The intro to the article reads: ‘In The Flight of the Intellectuals, Paul Berman argues … Continue reading

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BMF and BMSD support govt ban on Zakir Naik

A quick trawl of popular Muslim websites will reveal the widespread outrage at the government’s decision to ban Zakir Naik from speaking to what were set to be huge conferences at Sheffield Arena, the LG Arena in Birmingham and London’s … Continue reading

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Wonderful Qur’an recitation website

A few weeks ago someone sent me a link to this quite wonderful website where you can configure it to recite from any portion of the Qur’an  – with multiple actual recitors including Qari AbdulBasit, al-Husary etc available – and it will … Continue reading

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